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this is my first Game Jam . i love to make games   by seeing the "BTP game jam-2" i joined in and challenge my self . but when i saw the Game jam theam("Mini Planets) i was worried  i have no idea  and left for the Game jam and started playing PUBG when i was playing PUBG i got an idea and Started building CUBG instead of putting plane  ground i put a mini planet which is made in blender  and started the game for multiplaying and talking in Online i used Photon pun 

and finally 

i created CUBG(Capsule Unknown battleGround)

GenreAction, Shooter

Install instructions

Thank you for downnload Don't forgot to Comment..

While playing 1*1 mode use Earphones to talk with your friend because while playing 1*1 mode both speaker and receiver works together by that  the voice made by you makes a big beeeeeppppp.... sound for example if you put mike near a speaker it make a big beeepppp...sound 

when you using earphones the mike is placed in front of your mouth and the speaker is in your ears so their is no possibility of getting that beeeeppp..... sound and you may comfort lee.. talk with your friends ..0.



CUBG.zip 37 MB


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Really, really, really cool. I love the title and the game is pretty fun. The controls could use some work though.